OK, so this plugin does the yellow fade and then some. This is version 0.7 and unless I decide to add e-mail support I'm done with this plugin. The current revision supports the following features:

I planed on putting demos on their own page with separate pages displaying different features and aspects of the plug-in but seeing as I'm absurdly lazy and my school year just started up, I doubt that's happening anytime soon. Additionally, recent improvements to the jQuery plug-in Interface allow it to do what my plug-in does and more, so it'd be best to use that for more advanced work. The code can be downloaded here.

Click here to view a typical highlightFade

Click here to do a red exponential highlightFade on all p elements on the page at a crawl speed

Click here to do a bluish sinusoidal highlightFade on this element and remove it afterwards

Click here to remove my parent element from the document (while yellow fading omgz!1)

Click here to see a sinusoidal blue crawling highlightFade

Click here to do a border highlightFade (with a special left border highlightFade) on this element while highlightFading the element (at different speeds) while highlightFading the color of the text. (phew)